wilson-aboutThanks again for taking the time to visit Wilson Candy !
We ALL GREATLY appreciate you stopping by !
Perhaps you’ve seen our commercials…or you found us doing a search on the internet….or….you heard about us via word of mouth….as has SO often been the case over the last nearly 70 years !
And…speaking of 70 years….we think that would be a GREAT place to start this “ABOUT US” page.
As you may recall from the homepage video, Wilson Candy has been producing and providing QUALITY Yummies for Candy Lovin’ Tummies….for a VERY long time.
I’m Doug Wilson, the owner, and I’ve been at the helm for well over 40 of those 70+ years.
I watched how hard my family worked, and I learned the meaning of words such as DEDICATION…SACRIFICE…INTEGRITY and HONESTY !about-us2
I am proud of what my family started…and I am equally proud of the reputation this company has EARNED over the last several decades.
I DO NOT take for granted, that MY name and my FAMILY name is attached to this business.
And as a result, you can be ABSOLUTELY CERTAIN that any product you purchase from us, will be made from the BEST ingredients…with the BEST equipment in association with the BEST employees….and there will NEVER be any shortcuts or compromises on the QUALITY.
You can’t survive…and THRIVE for THIS long….by doing things that way.
Simply put….our Chocolate….is MOUTH WATERINGLY AMAZING !
about-us6Yes…there are many other candy companies in the tri state area…and some good ones !
But over and over and over…the common theme we hear is…..
“There is something “different” about Wilson’s Chocolate.”
And….those folks would be correct !
Our “secret recipe” and production process, results in chocolate tasting as it SHOULD !
Rich….creamy and DEEELICIOUS !
We offer our fantastic products to our retail customers from our retail location in Jeanette, as well as through our on line store on this site. We also do WHOLESALE, and we are so VERY proud to produce the chocolate, that OTHER companies use for THEIR products !
about-us5And, we are the GO TO SOURCE for FUNDRAISING !
If your school or business is looking for a DELICIOUS way to generate some revenue…PLEASE contact us regarding our fundraising ideas AND OUR UNBEATABLE PRICES !
I am so VERY proud of what we’ve accomplished over all of these years, and my sincere request to you is…..
if you have NEVER tried Wilson Candy, please stop in….introduce yourself….bring the kids or grandkids or ANYONE…..ask for a sample…..and taste for yourself what we mean when we say……
“Quality Yummies…for Candy Lovin’ Tummies” !
And speaking of which….make sure you check out the Testimonials and Events page to get info on our

On behalf of my entire family and staff……
we look forward to EXCEEDING your expectations !