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Wilson candy is known for
Quality Yummies for Candy Lovin’ Tummies” !

Well….if you try to say that real fast 5 times…or 10 times…it’s not so easy !
To say it 5 or 10 times with all words being clear ? Almost IMPOSSIBLE !
However…there are those out there who think they can Master this tongue twister…..and we’d like to see just how well you can do !
candyAll you need to do is stop on by our store conveniently located in Jeanette, Pa…..and ask for a sample.
While there….let us know that you’d like to try your luck at saying our tag Line 5 or 10 times as fast as you can. We’ll record your attempt and include it in our
If you can’t make it in to the store…use your smart phone or video camera….record you or your kids saying
“Quality Yummies for Candy Lovin’ Tummies as fast as you can 5 or 10 times.
Prizes will be awarded for the fastest 5 AND 10 time repetitions !
Prizes will also be awarded for the FUNNIEST and the CUTEST submissions !
Some of you will win

Can you imagine…… entire YEAR of Wilson’s INCREDIBLE CHOCOLATE and other candies…..absolutely FREE ???

Stop in and show us your stuff….or email your submissions to

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WHAT ??? you never TRIED Wilson Candy ?

Here’s what OTHERS are saying…and what you are missing !!!!


Here’s what Candy and Chocolate lovers from all over the world are saying about Wilson Candy ! Can YOU say Quality Yummies for Candy Lovin’ Tummies….faster than these people ? If so…SEND US YOUR VIDEO !!


Wilson Candy Tongue Twisters

Click on the video below to see more FUNNY clips of Pittsburgher's trying
to say " Quality Yummies for Candy Lovin' Tummies "..... FAST ! Think you can do better ?
Then ENTER our contest !!!


A friend of mine had some people over for a Steeler game a few years ago. Amongst the spread of food, was a tray with assorted chocolate and candy. I grabbed a piece that looked like a square piece of chocolate. I bit in to it and quickly realized it was a chocolate covered graham cracker. I was blown away ! Even though it was a graham cracker, I instantly knew I was enjoying chocolate that was better than any chocolate I had ever had ! I stood at that table and embarrassingly stuffed my face, and then….I spotted a box of assorted chocolates. I honestly couldn’t stop !

I turned the box over and saw it said Wilson Candy. I asked my buddy where he got this amazing candy, and he told me that Wilson Candy was just a few miles down the road. I was shocked because I had not heard of them or had seen the products. Well, that was several years ago, and ever since that day, there is ALWAYS Wilson Candy and chocolate in our house. It is without a doubt, the best I’ve ever had !
Jim…Greensburg, Pa.

My husband and I were blessed to have 5 children. They are all grown and out of the house and have their own family’s now. They are scattered all across the country. It’s almost a full time job sending Wilson Candy to them through the mail ! Even though they all have candy stores close to them, they all agree that there is nothing like the homemade taste of Wilson chocolate. They were all raised on it, and it’s all they will eat ! Doug, Rob and all the staff there are SO nice and friendly ! Even though I can order on line, twice a month I stop in at the store because everyone there is so nice, and it always smells so good ! If you’ve never tried Wilson, take it from a woman who’s been around the block a few times and has eaten lot’s of “other” chocolate over the years.
Wilson is the best I ever had. AUTHENTIC chocolate taste, no waxy residue or anything fake. It is simply very, very good !
Betty…Monroeville, Pa.