about wilson candy


Established in 1947, Wilson Candy has been creating high-quality chocolates in Jeannette, PA for over 70 years! To this day, our factory on Harrison Ave. manufacturers chocolates and candies from recipes handed down from over 3 generations. With quality ingrained in everything we do, we still hand-dip a variety of chocolates, the same as the beginning, as well as making our own soft centers, marshmallow, peanut butter, caramels and chews in-house!

The Family History

Wilson Candy was open for business on February 12, 1947 by the brother and sister duo, Paul and Margaret Wilson. Paul was a hospital administrator in Panama during WWII and Margaret was working at a candy business in Jeannette. When Paul came home from the war with no job, Margaret suggested they put their money together and open their own candy business.

The two bought the lot on Harrison Ave. that is still our current manufacturing location and store in Western PA. They acquired the recipes from various sources and worked to improve them as they started. Margaret already had experience in the candy business and was a skilled hand-dipper at Laura Lee Candy before opening Wilson's. The original name was Peggy Jane Candies. Peggy was a nickname for Margaret and Jane was Pauls wife.

With any business, the first year was a struggle. Margaret decided she was getting married and moving to Florida. Paul's wife, Jane, then took a job at the Jennette Tax office to help support the family as the business got started. 

The name changed to Wilson Candy Co. in 1953. The Wunder Bar was introduced a year later in 1954. Still a classic to this day!

In 1976, Paul's son Doug came into the business. He learned everything, from making the candy to managing the business.

As demand grew, Wilson Candy purchased their first machine operated chocolate machine in 1987. In 1988, Wilson Candy opened their second retail location in Eastgate Plaza for the Greensburg and Latrobe communities. 

After running the business for over 40 years, Doug decided it was time to retire from the business. Selling the business was not an easy decision, and Doug knew he needed the right person to buy his family business. With interest from Rob Kane, a production manager at the factory for over 25 years and close family friend, the business transitioned owners without the change of the name or any of the Wilson family values. 

To this day, Wilson Candy still uses the original recipes and techniques that started the business. Hand-dipped chocolates and our signature chocolate recipes are what people come back for, year to year!