Wilson Candy Bar fundraising is the perfect way to raise money for your cause. With up to 40% in profit, our fundraising is one sweet deal! We offer this program all year long.

Wilson Candy Bar Fundraising Programs in Western PA

Order Wilson Candy Fundraising for:

    • School Sports, Clubs and Band
    • Churches and Youth Groups
    • Fundraising for Walks, Races and Events
    • Fundraising for School Trips and Activities
    • College Clubs, Activities, Sports and Honors Societies
    • Sorority and Fraternity Fundraising

Wilson Candy Fundraising Details:

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Assorted Wilson Flat Candy Bars (1.5oz)

  • Package comes with 60 bars: 15 Peanut Butter, 15 Crispy, 15 Almond and 15 Caramel
  • Bars sell for: $1.25
  • Price per case: $45 | Profit: $30
  • You make $.50/bar!


Assorted Wilson Wunder Bars (2.75oz)

  • Case Includes: 30 bars - 10 Plain Bars, 10 Crispy Bars and 10 Almond Bars
  • Assortment can also be customized 
  • Bars sell for $2.00 each
  • Price per case: $36 | Profit: $24 per case
  • You make $.80/bar!

Chocolate Grahams & Pretzels (1oz)

  • Case Includes: 40 Individually Wrapped Chocolate Covered Graham Crackers or Chocolate Covered Pretzels
  • Each sell for $.50 
  • Price per case: $13 | Profit: $7 per case
  • You make $.175/item!

*Fundraising orders must be at least 2 cases

Frequently Asked Questions:

How can I pay for my order?

You can pay for your orders in cash, check or credit card. Payment can be in-store or over the phone.

Do I have to pay for my order upfront?

You can pay upfront or leave a credit card on file with a 30 day payment window. We will call you before charging your credit card.

Do you deliver fundraising boxes?

Large fundraising orders can be delivered. You can pick up fundraising boxes at Jeannette and Eastgate locations.

How much time do you need to prepare fundraising orders?

For larger orders, 3-5 business days is preferred. Most small orders can be picked up same day or next day.

If you have any other questions, give us a call at 724-523-3151.

We also have Christmas and Easter fundraising!

To Place a Fundraising Order, call: 724-523-3151 or email store@wilsoncandy.com.