Wilson's Candy Chocolate Party Trays and Platters are the perfect addition to any holiday party, wedding, shower, graduation or other special occasion! 

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Choose from several standard options or create a custom tray with your favorite treats. We ask for at least a 1 week notice. Please call 724-523-3151 to order. Local pick up only. Please note: production stops in the summer. If you have a summer event that needs a platter, please order before Jul

Platter Options:


12" Platter: 1.5lbs. of Pretzels. Available in milk, dark and/or ivory chocolate.


12" Platter: 3lbs. of Graham Crackers. Available in milk and/or dark chocolate.


12" Platter: 1.5lbs. of Grahams & 8oz. Pretzels. Grahams available in milk and/or dark chocolate. Pretzels available in milk, dark and/or ivory.


12" Platter: 1lb Grahams, 8oz. Pretzels & 8oz. Variety Pieces. Available in milk, dark and/or ivory. Variety pieces can be customized, ie. all caramels, peanut butter meltaways, etc. Upgrade to 1lb. Variety Pieces for $10 extra.


12" Platter: 1lb Cherry Cordials & 10oz. Raspberry Cordials. Raspberries available in milk and/or dark chocolate, cherries available in milk, dark and/or ivory.


Have a Wilson's favorite? Call us to customize your platter! Price will be determined by your items selected.

Call 724-523-3151 to order!